Rascal in a Tree in Gainesville GA   Sylvester? Rascal?

The original, the one of a kind — RASCAL!

Rascal in a Tree in Auburn AL  Rascal Plays Tag in the Tree

Rascal was a pet Greg got while in college.  He was a true friend and really gave a lot of love.  He was an outside cat for many years, but eventually became an indoor cat as we moved around.

Rascal in the Driveway in Auburn Rascal on the Roof

He was a shoulder riding cat for sure.  If you leaned down near him, he was going to jump up on your back and plop down and get comfortable. We took the pictures below in the Summer of 1984.

Rascal Loves On Greg Rascal Poses With Greg

Rascal lived from 1980 until 1998.  He had a great 18 years.