Fats Pretty Face

This is Fats.  Greg only had fats for a very short time. I already had Rascal at the time I got Fats. I kind of wanted another cat. Right after I moved to Atlanta in the late ’80’s, he began to get really thin. I took him into the doctor and they told me he had feline leukemia. He had to be put to sleep when he was about two years old. Such a shame.

They said Rascal was probably sick too, but he was not. They were amazed that Rascal was OK. Rascal really did have nine lives.

Fats Sits On My Car Hood  Fats and Rascal in Auburn

He was a good looking cat. He was a cranky cat though. He and Rascal got along well despite that. He did not like other cats in the neighborhood. He was the only long hair cat that I owned before Chilly.

Fats in Auburn