Chilly and Sunny

Chilly and Sunshine are rescue cats that have adopted us.  We really invited Chilly in, but Sunny showed up and just moved in. They both came in while we still had J.C. with us, and both cats took to him pretty quickly.

We took Chilly in when he was a kitten.  We had seen a mom cat and some kittens around the neighborhood.  Chilly was the last surviving kitten of four we saw.  We ended up feeding and creating a small shelter for the kitten one night when it was 11 degrees outside.  We kept feeding the kitten and eventually got him to a vet.  He was actually healthy, but he has really remained nervous and is a scaredy-cat.  He does not like to be picked up much, but he loves to have his belly rubbed.  Greg wanted to call him Chilly due to him coming to us because of the super cold temperatures.

His actual name is “Chillie Nelson”, but we just call him Chilly.  He has many “pet” names.  Chilly Bear is our favorite due to his fur around his face.  Chilly Dog, Chilly Boo, Chilly Man, Chilly Fred, Chilly D. Williams, Chilly Cheese Dog, Chilly Cheeseburger, Chilly Pepper, Chilly Relleno,, Chill Factor, Chills McGee, King Chilly, Big Dog, Boyfriend, Pooty Head…  They go on and on.

Then there is Sunny.  Sunshine just showed up six months later in the summer.  She was about five months old.  She kept hanging out in the backyard to hang around Chilly.  He had him a girlfriend all of the sudden!  J.C. started noticing the other kitty around.  She would get up in trees and look down at J.C. and she eventually saw that Chilly could be near the dog without any problem.  Eventually she and J.C. started getting along and she moved in.  She is a very vertical cat.  She loves to climb around on stuff.  Unlike Chilly, she is very affectionate.  She is our lap kitty.

Her actual name is “Sunshine”, but we call her “Baby Girl” and “Kitty” the most.  She knows “Sunny”, but we also call her Kitty Bits, Bitty Kitty, Little Bitty Kitty, Sweet Pea, Sweetie, Girlfriend, Monkey Girl and Crazy Lady.

Chilly and Sunshine
Chilly and Sunshine Hanging Out In The Backyard